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Moving Company Fort Wayne is the best rated moving company. We provide in-city moving and to other cities all over country safely and securely.

Moving Your Entire Office

Relocate a commercial business and/or move and unpack and set up of goods and inventory. If you have outgrown your business location and need to move to a larger facility to accommodate your business more efficiently we have the ability to make this transition easier. You have limited amount of time to get your business back up and running so let us help you get that done so you can focus on your business. Rest assured we can get the job done.

Preparing for a Commercial Move

Commercial moving is well-known for being much more technical and complicated than home or residential moving. This is because of the amount of large and valuable items involved in commercial moving. For this reason, it is crucial to find a commercial moving company that will cater to all of your business’s customized needs.

People often find that they are inexperienced to complete such a move themselves, so they decide to hire a commercial moving company to complete the job. Professional moving companies have the experience and expertise necessary to help you through the moving process with ease and precision.


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preparing service packing

We will pack and protect your items for transport to their new home, safe and sound. We take care of your belongings like they’re our own. We come prepared to wrap items or custom wrap items that may get scratched with plastic wrap and furniture pads and floor protectors in your location. We utilize dollys, mattress carriers, cam straps, ratchet straps and lifting straps to carry any heavy items you own. Our trucks have ramps to get these items safely inside. We protect furniture like headboards and corners of furniture by furniture covers underneath shrink wrap for extra protection. We make sure your lamps and sentimental items don’t get damaged in transport and make sure to mark boxes if you don’t so they’re easy to find later. If you need unpacking help, we will do that for you by accepting your items at the new location and set up as instructed. Labor included in price. 

We believe in working smarter not harder and don’t cut corners. Safety is the number 1 priority and we take strict measure to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, by sanitizing our hands, not working if we feel ill or have a fever and wearing masks at all times.

We believe in working smarter not harder and don’t cut corners. Safety is the number 1 priority and we take strict measure to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, by sanitizing our hands, not working if we feel ill or have a fever and wearing masks at all times.


We do full service moving from your home to your new home. We move townhomes similar to apartment moving however, usually consists of many flights of stairs. We also move seniors to or from their assisted living facilities and deal with stairs and elevators. We always offer a senior discount also! If they need our packing service click here or please ask us about that too. We can carefully wrap, pack and transport all of their belongings to their new home. We ensure to do this is the safest and most efficient ways possible. 

Delivery and Assembly of Heavy Furniture 

You may have ordered new appliances but can’t pick them up or want to pay what they’re charging to deliver quick. You may have gotten new furniture then realize you have to get rid of your old furniture, get it upstairs, downstairs then outside. That’s also after you realize you have to put some of it together and take the old apart with the right tools. We have all the power tools needed to take apart and assemble furniture. Most companies aren’t setting up new furniture due to Covid, they are just dropping it off. Let us help you get the job done efficiently and affordably. 

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We wipe your luggage with a safe guard to go to your second destination instead of passing through

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If you are an international customer and wish to come and view our services then please email us your flight details and a dedicated chaffer shall collect you from the airport. Our Company insight and expertise has leaded us to structure our solutions in such a way that reduces operational cost, increases customer satisfaction and adds value to the deliverable.

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Moving Company Fort Wayne have very well trained and experienced staff. They are very conscious of customer satisfaction. And their prices are reasonable. I recommend Moving Company Fort Wayne for home and office relocation.

My department transferred me from Washington to Geoegia last month. I was worried but then I did google moving companies. The Moving Company Fort Wayne team came within an hour. Shifted all my belongings to a new location in Georgia.

Moving Company Fort Wayne have amazing services for relocation. Very very reasonable prices from the market. Safety is guaranteed because of their professional packing and no items were damaged . I will give them 5 Stars rating!

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